10 September 2009

Trouble with Comics: The MANIFESTO!

We're here, and we talk about comics. END MANIFESTO.

Hi, I'm Alan David Doane, and I'm the guy that thought up Comic Book Galaxy while laying in bed one summer day in the year 2000. And here we are over nine years later, and the Galaxy has expanded and contracted numerous (though not always humourous) times. And today, we're expanding again.
Not this kind of Trouble.
Welcome to Trouble with Comics, Comic Book Galaxy's new group blog that grew out of conversations with my good friend and partner in thoughtcrime Chris Allen, as I was assembling my recent eBook, Conversations with ADD. I had to dig into the Galaxy's deepest, hidden recesses to find some of the material for the eBook, and Chris helped me pound it all into shape. As we worked together on all that, I think we both realized just how much we missed feeling the rush we got from the most exciting times we had together (and sometimes separately) on Comic Book Galaxy.

With that in mind, we started talking to good writers we knew, some who wrote for Comic Book Galaxy in the past, some who are new faces around the Galaxy Clubhouse but who nonetheless agree with our stated goal of "pushing comix forward."

We have some ambitious plans for this thing, but we're going to start somewhat slow and let it build. I hope you'll give our efforts a chance, maybe bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS feed, and tell your friends if you see something you like. Best of all, send us an email or leave a comment and tell us what you think of our efforts. Argue with us, agree with us, but most importantly, be a part of the dialog about comics that we intend to start here.

Right now.

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Blogger Mart said...

Good luck with the project. Hey, if I bookmark you, will you bookmark me?


September 14, 2009 4:32 PM  

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