10 September 2009

Data Sheet: ADD

NAME: Alan David Doane
AMBITIONS: Stayin' Alive
TURN-ONS: Honesty, comics, "what's new and what's next."
TURNOFFS: Secret agendas, venality, toxic cretinism, the writing of Geoff Johns.
GREAT COMICS: Spider-Man by Lee and Ditko, Eightball by Clowes, Acme by Ware
FAMILY LIFE: Wife, two kids, two cats.
FAVORITE FOOD: Probably pizza, also love good Asian food.
WHAT I LIKE IN COMICS: Truth, passion, learning new things.
WHAT I DISLIKE IN COMICS: Treading water, playing with action figures instead of telling good stories, having nothing to say in a medium that will let you say anything.
FAVORITE CREATORS: Dan Clowes, Steve Ditko, Barry Windsor-Smith, James Kochalka
FAVORITE MUSICIANS: The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Lindsey Buckingham, David Gilmour, James Kochalka, Moby
IDEAL EVENING: Quiet, cool, and no work the next day.
FAVORITE MOVIES: Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil, Donnie Darko, Ghost World.
FAVORITE WRITERS: Roger Ebert, James Howard Kunstler, Alan Moore, Christopher Allen, Christopher Butcher.
FAVORITE GRAPHIC NOVELS: From Hell, Ghost World, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, The Ticking, Batman: Year One.

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