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#0014 28 JULY 2004

Wednesday Pseudo-Blogging -- A couple of things to mention today; it feels like I'm blogging all over again. Remember that Hall and Oates song?

The Onion has posted a new interview with James Kochalka. As you may recall from earlier this week, Kochalka's massive new book is American Elf, collecting over five years of his magnificent, insightful daily diary strips, and you have got to check out this book.

It's a brief interview, but worth checking out to get a feel for how Kochalka's mind works and what his approach to the diaries is. To wit:

Onion: Is there anything you wouldn't include because it's too personal or embarrassing?

Kochalka: Not exactly. I mean, I've found that it would be extremely easy for me to write about what I had for dinner every day, so I try to ban myself from writing about that. And, like, every time I masturbate, I'm not going to write a strip about it. [Laughs.] If you go through the diary and see how often my wife and I have sex, it doesn't match every occurrence of sex in my life. [Laughs.] It might show up a couple of times a year, but it's happening more frequently than that.

Onion: Congratulations.

So, head over to The Onion for the full piece.

The Most Exciting Blog News of the Week -- Brian Hibbs has relaunched his Savage Critic reviews as a blog. Hopefully this means not only will Brian be back on a regular schedule, but be posting his insights far more often than he ever did before. If you're not in the know, Hibbs is one of the most forward-looking comics retailers in the U.S., and his observations on the industry are invaluable to understanding the ins and outs of the business. I may not always agree with his opinions on individual titles, but I always find his writing fascinating and he's a voice well worth listening to.

Elsewhere on Comic Book Galaxy -- My review of Sebastian O went up today. One comic-reading pal of mine expressed shock that I liked the book. Check out my review and see what you think.

Hey, Do Me a Favour -- I've seen a couple of sites refer to both Comic Book Galaxy and my ADD blog as "defunct" in the past few days, leading me to think that a number of people who might enjoy reading this site are unaware that we're back up and running. I mean, by now, even Johanna Draper Carlson must realize we're back for good (I kid because I love, Johanna, but you know that). Anyway, what I'm asking is, if you've got pals interested in the comics who you think might enjoy Comic Book Galaxy, let 'em know we're here and we're doing that thing that we do, okay? And remember that to be notified every time we update the site, join our Yahoo Mailing List. Thanks!

-- Alan David Doane

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