Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Roger on the DD Omnibus -- Head over to Roger's place for the scoop on Marvel reprinting pages from the Daredevil Chronicles published a couple decades back by FantaCo.

You can occasionally find the Chronicles specials in the quarter bins, and they all are well worth picking up if you can find them, by the way.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Car Bites the Dust -- It was nearly two years ago this week that I chronicled the death of my beloved red car. This morning as she was driving me to work, my wife's car burst into flames.

We called 911 when the black smoke started pouring out from under the hood, and by the time the fire trucks arrived, flames were shooting three feet in the air.

No one was hurt, but it seems unlikely the car will be able to be repaired. Which leaves us, for the moment, a carless family.

On the bright side, hoping my luck would change, I bought a three dollars worth of scratch-off lottery tickets. I won ten bucks. See? Things are turning around already!


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