Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Quiet Week -- Well, Nerd Prom always makes for a quiet week on The Comics Internet, doesn't it?

It's hotter than hell and a bit more humid here in Upstate New York, which might account for my lethargy in recent days -- I've been reading a lot, mostly Roger Ebert's I Hated, Hated HATED This Movie, and I have a few graphic novels in my stack waiting to be read, but first there's this book about Orson Welles that I want to read, and, and...the dog ate my homework.

Funny, after a torrential couple of weeks of reviewing how I slid into this past few days of quietude, it wasn't intentional, but events have conspired to keep me mostly away from the computer (there's no A/C in the living room, where the computer is, for one thing).

I have some peace and quiet scheduled for this Saturday, which I am greatly looking forward to -- wife and kids off to the county fair with cousins and such in tow, and Dad left to enjoy his air conditioner, reading stack and the family car. Anything could happen!

In the meantime, the quiet week continues.


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