Sunday, September 11, 2005

Interruption of Service -- I've been doing this too long now to think that I can ever walk away forever, but I think it's time to push the "PAUSE" button here on the ADD Blog.

As you may be aware, I have been blogging at KOCHALKAHOLIC!, and I think it's best if I focus whatever time I have for blogging on that. In the past few weeks I've said just about everything I have left to say about the comics industry and especially the mostly-self-destructive direct market. Thinking about any but the most personal and revelatory of comics these days gives me nothing but a headache, and that's why I prefer to follow my bliss, to borrow a term from Joseph Campbell, and work on further developing KOCHALKAHOLIC!

I'll certainly continue to publish and write reviews for Comic Book Galaxy, and I even have the seed of an idea for something else cool that I would like to do, but that may not be ready for public consumption before the snow flies, as we say up here in upstate New York.

For those of you who have read this blog in its varied incarnations and levels of passion and focus over the past few years, thank you. The archives of this blog will stay here, because as I noted at the start, it could very well be that some unforeseen event or idea will strike me and I will be back here plugging away with five posts a day.

But given my work and family responsibilities and issues of health and time availability, for now, The ADD Blog is taking a break.

Come visit with me over at KOCHALKAHOLIC!, won't you?


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