Monday, August 01, 2005

The Monday Briefing -- Hello, good morning, and welcome to August: My least favourite month of the year. It's usually hot, humid, and transforms Saratoga Springs into a No Man's Land of tourists, many of them middle-aged men in bad seersucker suits sucking on soggy cigars at the track, as they piss their life savings away. Yay, August!

One of the best graphic novels I've read this year is The Push Man & Other Stories, a hardcover due out in September that is written and drawn by Yoshihiro Taniguchi and designed and presented by Optic Nerve's Adrian Tomine. Any new release from Drawn and Quarterly is worthy of attention, but this book is absolutely stunning, from the quality of the stories to the design and implementation of the material. Christopher Butcher has posted some Previews Review-y type comments about the book, and I urge you to give them a look.

As I write this, the Monday Galaxy update hasn't posted yet, but new EiC Chris Hunter worked through the weekend to have everything ready for this morning, and I know there's a good amount of great stuff for you to read over on the main site, so be sure to check that out.

I know it's August, but try to enjoy your Monday anyway.

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