Friday, July 08, 2005

Last-Minute Weekend Shocker! -- Well, I can't really say I am surprised, but Roger Ebert's Fantastic Four review has changed my plans for tonight, at least. I trust Ebert implicitly -- more than any other movie critic, I find he is able to accurately convey to me the feel and form of a film -- and his fairly definitive condemnation of this latest Marvel superhero movie has me thinking if my kids ever see it, it'll be on DVD. If the studio sends me a review copy. Maybe. Parenthetically, why they even bothered to continue after seeing The Incredibles is a genuine mystery to me. At the very least, they should have reevaluated the script and tried to get a little of the superior film's energy, wit and imagination into FF. Stupid Hollywood make Hulk's head hurt. Bah.

So, in other news, lots of good stuff going on over at the main site today, including new editions of BREAKDOWNS and LAST CALL from Chris Allen and Johnny Bacardi, respectively, and also a Jef Harmatz review of James Kochalka's THE CUTE MANIFESTO, which Alternative Comics head honcho Jeff Mason told me earlier this week should be shipping within the next couple of weeks. It's worth your time and money simply for the inclusion of REINVENTING EVETRYTHING, in my opinion, but there's a ton of other fun stuff in there as well, making the book probably the second most essential Kochalka volume after the monster-sized AMERICAN ELF collection.

In strange neighbourhood news, my wife said she noticed a former co-worker of hers sitting extremely upset on the curb at an accident scene within walking distance of our house yesterday afternoon. Checking the morning paper, it seems this woman was driving a UPS truck that got slammed into by a motorcycle allegedly speeding down these quiet city side-streets, and the operator of the motorcycle lost his arm when he slammed into the back of the UPS truck. Jesus. Even knowing I wasn't at fault, as this woman apparently wasn't, that would still be pretty traumatic. And it makes me realize how lucky I was to get away from my own car accident a few months ago with only a stiff neck and back pain...

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

In Defense of Smut -- I stand firmly with Christopher Butcher on the issue of adult comics (or magazines, or books, or movies, or whatever) being legal and available for the adults who choose to buy them. His defense of smut at his awesome comics.212 blog is essential reading if you're interested in comics, freedom of expression, and most importantly the place where they intersect in opposition to governmental ignorance, suppression and oppression. Go read it now.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Quest -- Here's my favourite photo from Free Comic Book Day 2005:

My son Aaron searching the spinner rack for more, more, more, his bag already weighted down with comics. This, then, is the nature of The Quest.

Also Today -- Over at the main site is the fourth installment of Shawn Hoke's awesome SIZE MATTERS column on mini-comics. Hard to believe we're four columns in to the new version of the site, but I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the work our writers are doing, so click on over and give 'em all a look, eh?


Monday, July 04, 2005

The Monday Briefing -- Happy Independence Day to all our U.S. readers. There's not much more I personally value more than independence, so I hope everyone, everywhere will take a moment sometime today to recognize genuine independence in some form and pay it the respect that it deserves, whether it's independent thinking, independent film, your local independent restaurant, movie theater, bookshop or comics store, and of course, independent comics. Those are the good ones, after all.


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