Saturday, March 05, 2005

Atlas Shuddered -- Watch out, people of Earth, John Byrne has discovered Ayn Rand.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Definitive Column on Selling Comics -- Shawn Hoke's new column (discovered via Fanboy Rampage) on the direct market and how to properly serve your customers if you choose to call yourself a comics retailer is fucking brilliant and 100 percent accurate from beginning to end.
If this is the Direct Market, then I hope it fails. If you have ignorant employees and a limited stock, you deserve to fail. Shops like this do the industry and the medium of comics a disservice simply by existing.

If your store does not truly serve the widest possible audience for comics, print out Shawn's article and give it to the owner. If your store IS a full-service comics shop that truly promotes the entire spectrum of comics (and therefore stands the best chance of both increasing the readership of comics and still being in existence ten years from now), tell them how much you appreciate what they do, and make sure you let people know about them.

I truly believe we need an online resource that identifies and promotes ONLY these comics shops, as I said in a recent letter to Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter. Who's gonna take up the challenge?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another List of Ten -- Courtesy of Sean T. Collins and his ginchy new blog, here are Ten Things Meme I've Done That You Probably Haven't.

01. Been offered the chance to write for Marvel Comics and turned it down.
02. Raised two children to love reading, and reading comics.
03. Played Bob Cratchit AND Young Scrooge (with baby-powdered gray hair!) in a
Christian version of "A Christmas Carol."
04. Been hugged by James Kochalka during a performance by James Kochalka Superstar.
05. Eaten eggplant pizza with Barry Windsor-Smith.
06. Been called a "fucking asshole" by Tony Millionaire.
07. Interviewed Alan Moore.
08. Written for Silver Bullet Comic Books, Comic Book Galaxy, Newsarama, Graphic
Novel Review, The Comics Journal and Stalagmite Magazine.
09. Spoken to Dave Sim on the phone and found him cordial and engaging (for the
duration of the call).
10. Been present in the delivery room for the birth of my two children.

Big Congrats to Bill! -- Happy Third Blogaversary to Bill Sherman, one of my longer-lasting internet buddies and a great supporter of my online efforts for about as long as I've been doing them. Bill's also a fellow contributor to The Comics Journal, although he's been doing that a lot longer than I have -- but it's a club I'm proud to be in with him.

All this talk recently of Blog Birthdays prompted me to check in on my own anniversary -- and it seems I officially started blogging on June 7th, 2002, with the ADD Blog in-between there as a brief, separate site before coming back here. My career as a blogger has been messy, but mostly fun.

Farewell to Andy, and ADD's Top 10 TV Characters -- My wife and I got married in 1993, and watching NYPD Blue has been a tradition for us for the entirety of our marriage, save the occasional taping mishap. Much as I would like to make an event of it and watch tonight's finale live, she'll be at work, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow morning when we watch it on tape.

Dennis Franz's arc this season has been especially moving, and while I saw his ultimate fate "on the job" coming way in advance, I have to say his amazing acting chops have totally sold it as believable and altogether appropriate. Andy Sipowicz has got to be one of the best TV characters ever created, thanks to a combination of sublime acting and wonderful material with which to exercise those skills. I'm gonna miss this show more than just about any other series I've watched in my life.

ADD's Ten Favourite TV Charcters

Andy Sipowicz - Dennis Franz on NYPD Blue
Number Six - Patrick McGoohan on The Prisoner
Agent Dale Cooper - Kyle Maclachlan on Twin Peaks
George Costanza - Jason Alexander on Seinfeld
David Brent - Ricky Gervais on The Office
Buffy Summers - Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Batman - Kevin Conroy on Batman Animated, Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited, etc.
Captain Kirk - William Shatner on Star Trek
Basil Fawlty - John Cleese on Fawlty Towers
Tony Soprano - James Gandolfini on The Sopranos

[Just missed the Top Ten: Giles from Buffy, Spock and Dr. McCoy from Star Trek, Mulder from The X-Files, Vic Mackey from The Shield, Sheridan, Ivanova and G'Kar from Babylon 5, John Carter and Abby Lockhart from E/R, The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) from Doctor Who]

Edited to Add: Christopher Jones has begun a thread on the Galaxy message board for others to run down their own Top Ten TV Characters, so stop by and add yours to the list.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Comics For SALE or TRADE -- If you'd like to buy or arrange a trade, drop me an e-mail to arrange a trade or purchase...if you're interested in trading, please send a list of what you have to trade along with your inquiry. Thanks!


30 Days of Night Annual 2004
30 Days of Night Return to Barrow #1-4
30 Days of Night FCBD Comic
303 Preview, #1 (Ennis/Burrows)
Action Comics #801 (Tom Raney art)
Aleister Arcane #1-3 (Niles/IDW/COMPLETE SET)
Authority Vol. 1 #27 (Art Adams art)
Authority Vol. 2 #10-13
Authority Annual 2000 (Casey/Hamner)
Authority: Kev #1 (Ennis)
Authority: Scorched Earth One-Shot
Batman: Death and the Maidens #1-9 + Detective #783 prequel (COMPLETE SET; Rucka/Janson)
Batman: Gotham Knights #1 (Ellis/Jim Lee Batman backup)
Catwoman #25-31 (Brubaker/Gulacy)
Criminal Macabre #1-5 (Niles; COMPLETE SET)
Daredevil: Father #1 (Quesada story/art; COMPLETE SET, ha ha!)
Dark Days #1-6 (Steve Niles 30 Days of Night sequel) COMPLETE SET
Day of Judgment #1-5 (Johns; COMPLETE SET)
Deathblow #0, 1-3 (Jim Lee/Tim Sale)
Detective Comics #801-802 (Dave Lapham)
DC One Million Unofficial Sketchbook (SIGNED by Val Semeiks)
Divine Right #1 (Jim Lee)
Elric #1 (Pacific Comics)
Elric #1 (DC Comics; Simonson art)
Empire 1-2 (Image), 1-6 (DC) (COMPLETE SET)
Freaks of the Heartland #1-6 (Niles; COMPLETE SET)
Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-4 (return of Hal Jordan)
Hairball One-Shot (Niles)
Haven #1-9 and Haven: Arrival and Haven: Anathema (COMPLETE SET, Olivetti art)
Hellspawn #15 (Niles/Templesmith)
Hulk Smash #1-2 (Ennis; COMPLETE SET)
Hunter/Killer #0 (Waid/Silvestri)
Iron Man #1-2 (Ellis)
Just Imagine Stan Lee and Walt Simonson's Sandman (Prestige Format)
Kingpin #1-7 (COMPLETE SET; Bruce Jones/Sean Phillips/Klaus Janson)
Last Train to Deadsville #1-3 (Niles)
Love Me Tenderloin One-Snot (Niles)
Lunch Hour Comix #1 (Robert Ullman)
Marvel Age #14 (Byrne interview)
Mortal Souls #1-3 (COMPLETE SET; Steven Grant)
My Flesh is Cool Preview and #1-3 (COMPLETE SET; Steven Grant)
The Nail #1-4 (Niles; COMPLETE SET)
Onslaught: Marvel Universe
Outsiders #7-10, 13-15 (Tom Raney art)
Para #1, 3-5 (Stuart Moore)
Powers Vol. 1 #37 (final issue), Vol. 2 #1-8
Punisher #2 (Ennis/Dillon Spider-Man guest stars)
Quit City One-Shot (Ellis)
Red #1-3 (Ellis/Hamner; COMPLETE SET)
Robocop vs. Terminator #1-4 (COMPLETE SET; Miller/Simonson)
Saga of the Swamp Thing #16, 17, 19
Sandman #64
Scars Preview, #1-6, and #1 signed by artist Jacen Burrows (8 issues total; COMPLETE SET)
Secret War #1-3 (Bendis; #1 is 2nd Print)
Shattered Image #1-4 (COMPLETE SET; Busiek miniseries)
Spider-Man: The Lost Years #0, 1-3 (COMPLETE SET; JRJR art)
Standoff Parts 1-3 (COMPLETE SET of Alan Davis-drawn story-arc, includes
Thor #58, Iron Man #64 and Avengers #63)
Strangehaven #15
Stormwatch Vol. 2 #6, 11 (Ellis/Hitch/Neary)
Superman: Strength #1 (Scott McCloud; Prestige Format)
Supreme Power #7-15
Thing/She-Hulk Long Night One-Shot (Hitch art)
Timeslip: Avengers One-Shot
Thor Rough Cut #1 (JR Jr art reproduced in pencils only)
Thor #55 (Tom Raney art)
Ultimate Spider-Man #41-72 (uninterrupted run, every issue from 41 to 72)
Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995 (Bryan Hitch art)
Uncanny X-Men #133 (2nd print; Claremont/Byrne/Austin)
Wake the Dead #1-5 (Niles; COMPLETE SET)
Wolverine #22-25 (Millar/JR Jr/Janson)
X-Men #55 (Onslaught)
X-Men Collectible Classics #2 (Chrome cover, deluxe reprint of Days of Future Past from Uncanny #141-142)


Underbelly by Dave Cooper (hardcover)

Comics and The Internets -- Just a quickie response to Paul O'Brien's new Ninth Art column on internet fandom. Firstly, I believe that close to half of the readers of comics sites online do read his reviews, because O'Brien is one of the best critics around. I have zero interest in the X-Men past Astonishing, Morrison's New X-Men, the Claremont/Byrne/Austin days and taking my kids to the movies, but I still find his reviews entertaining as hell, even if I do think he should expand his horizons for both his own and his readers' benefit. But that's just me being an elitist prick, as usual.

Also, I think it's funny that Bendisada would cast aspersions at the comics internet by saying only 10,000 people read it, when that's about one-tenth of the audience for the best-selling corporate comics. How many opinion polls sample that high? I very much doubt 30 million people are polled ever in the U.S., even during a Presidential election cycle. So, they're kidding themselves if they think the opinions of 10,000 people don't matter. But, it's Marvel, they're always kidding themselves.

As you were.

ADD's Oscar Wrap-Up -- I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and liked it a lot. Glad to hear its writer won something.

I think I recognize Clive Owen when I see him, although I always think he's the guy from The Practice until he says something.

And yeah, that's it. Didn't watch a moment of The Oscars. Being 39, I just don't have that much time left to waste in my life. Tick, tick, tick...

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