Friday, February 11, 2005

100 Things I Love About Comics -- Inspired by a strip by Fred Hembeck, I spent most of the last 24 hours secluded inside Photoshop to create 100 Things I Love About Comics. I think of it as a column without writing, and a comic strip without comics, as the images, fonts and placement all are meant to convey not only opinion, but narrative and information.

The original file was over 14 MB in size and my computer crashed over a half-dozen times as I was working on this. This version is as streamlined as I could make it, but it's still a big file (2 MB or so), so if you're on dial-up you might want to go walk around the block while it loads up. If you're on a cable modem or DSL it shouldn't be more than a minute or so.

I hope you'll click over, and I hope you enjoy it if you do.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Free Comics! -- Yeah, that got your attention, huh? Just a reminder that we're still taking entries in the ULTIMATE STREET ANGEL CONTEST, and also that my buddy Logan Polk is giving away some free comics himself. Logan's got a set of the popular Loki mini-series for you to win. Click over and check it out.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Jason Marcy Site Launched -- February 7th, 2005 -- Cartoonist Jason Marcy announced today the creation of his new website,

The creator of the popular JAY'S DAYS series of
autobiographical graphic novels maintains a Live Journal/blog and a
daily journal comic strip, both of which are accessible right from In addition, readers will be able to keep up on the latest Jason
Marcy news, buy his books, and stay on top of the latest in the life of
the Oshawa, Ontario cartoonist.

In addition to JAY'S DAYS, Jason Marcy has been a
contributor to Comic Book Galaxy, a website focusing on opinions and
criticism of comics and graphic novels. Galaxy editor Alan David Doane, who
contributed to the design and implementation of the new site, said
"Readers need a central place to go to find information about their favourite
cartoonists, and Jason's new site will be that central area that he's
needed for a while now. After JAY'S DAYS BOOK THREE, everybody knows Jay
can hold his own with other popular autobio guys like James Kochalka
and Joe Matt. So this site is designed to make it easy to find out what
Jay's up to on a daily basis."

In addition to his comics career, Jason works as a
pasta maker and caterer at a small shop in Oshawa, Ontario, and enjoys
life with wife Kristine and their son Xander.

In the coming year, Jason Marcy is planning to release
a number of new projects, including JAY'S BOOK OF HATE, JAY'S DAYS
BOOK FOUR, and an anthology with various writers and artists called MY
DAY IN THE LIFE OF JAY. Even further, Jay plans an as-yet unnamed
collection of one page strips used to "warm up" before Jay's Days writing and
drawing sessions, and a collection of the daily 365 Days With Jay

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