Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Win Free Stuff from Ferret Press -- Just received this heads-up from Dara Naraghi at Ferret Press:

We're going to give away a different set of free comics via the
blog each month in 2005. To start with, I'm offering the STRAGEHAVEN:
trade [ADD Note: GREAT FUCKING BOOK!!!], by Gary Spencer Millidge, which reprints the first 6 issues of his series. To enter, readers just have to e-mail us and in 50 words or less answer this question: "What was your first experience with
"independent" comics (if any), and why would you like to read Strangehaven?"

All the details are here.

A bit about Ferret Press: I'm a writer and the publisher of Ferret Press, a small
press comics company, and I'm also in PANEL, a writer/artist collective that
includes folks like Andy Bennett (Vampire: The Masquerade) and Tom Williams
(No Dead Time, Misa). On our group blog we talk about comics, the creative
process, politics, art, the web, life, and everything in between. We've been
blogging for almost 2 years now, so there's a whole archive of interesting
stuff to explore.

If you think this giveaway is worth a mention on your blog, I'd greatly
appreciate it.

I've enjoyed a lot of Dara's comics over the past couple of years, and I certainly think everybody should be reading Strangehaven, so click on over and enter!

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