Friday, December 17, 2004

Fives for Friday -- Tom Spurgeon's been doing a Five for Friday thing over at The Comics Reporter, so in that spirit, here are some lists of five.

Five Great Autobiographical Creators

Five Great Superhero Titles

Five Great Non-Superhero Titles

Five Comics My Kids Like

Five Titles I Wish Came Out More Often

Five Graphic Novels for a Desert Island

Five Great Alan Moore Titles

Five Bad Comics That Sell Anyway

Five Comics My Wife Likes

* She originally liked NYX until the revelation at the end of #1 that the lead character had superpowers. Jesus, was she pissed. Considering how the book's schedule went to shit in the end, it's probably just as well.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Trust Your Local Butcher -- In this case, Christopher Butcher, who knows what the fuck he's talking about when it comes to comics. He should, he only works at one of the most progressive and successful comics shops in the frigging universe.

Or so I'm told by enlightened friends. Personally, The Beguiling is a seven-hour-plus drive one way for me, so I've never yet made the journey. But I'll tell you, for an adult who loves truly great comics and appreciates good retailing, it calls to me like Mecca. One day...

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