Friday, November 26, 2004

The Morning After -- Thanksgiving was a blast at our house, the first in the new place we moved in to on October 1st. CBG co-conspirator Marshall O'Keeffe and his wife came for dinner, a vegetarian-friendly feast of turkey both real and meat-free, with sparkling beverages for all ages and temperaments. After we ate, we observed my son's coincidental BIRTHDAY (he turned nine on Thanksgiving), a Teen Titans-centered event that seemed to satisfy his obsessions quite well. My wife and I gave him the two Teen Titans Go! digests, the Titans DC Direct boxed set and the more recent Robin and Slade DCD figures. He also got a goodly amount of cash, which pleased him a great deal, and a copy of Owly, an all-ages graphic novel from Top Shelf that seems ideally suited to his age and sensibility.

Later in the day my wife's neice and nephew came over and an impromptu sleepover was staged, and right now my wife is rounding up all four (!) kids (our two and my wife's N&N) so we can run out for breakfast before delivering them back to their parents and heading down to Albany to pick up this week's comics and see what other mischief we can get up to today. My goal is to stay the hell away from any major retail operations, as the rest of the year will no doubt be total madness, of the type I prefer to avoid like the plague.

Bunch of new reviews are up today, so go check out the reviews page to see what's new, and if you're off from work, enjoy the long weekend.

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