Tuesday, November 09, 2004

New Stuff Up at The Galaxy -- Server problems resulted in yesterday's update becoming today's update, so here's the scoop: Chris Allen turns in a long, review-filled Chris Allen Comments, while Jef Harmatz
reviews Rick Veitch's Crypto Zoo.

Speaking of Veitch, I have to say I agree with the folks online who are saying the art in the first issue of The Question by Tommy Lee Edwards is quite nice; it's my first exposure to Edwards's stuff, and it really suits the character well. Veitch's story seems like so much hooey one issue in, however, his version of Steve Ditko's classic character having been turned into an uncomfortable grafting of Jack Hawksmoor's powers with Rorschach's loony inner monologues. Very disappointing, especially since just last night I was re-reading some of Ditko's earliest Question stories, which are super-groovy in the way they allow Ditko to express his loony, extremist philosophies married to some of the best art he ever created. Passion shows, folks (see also: Sim, Dave).

Finally today, check out this new Jason Marcy interview in which he weighs in on his years of experience as an autobiographical cartoonist and other insights. And if you missed it, here's my review of Jay's soon-to-be-released third Jay's Days volume, and my most recent interview with the man.

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