Friday, September 10, 2004

Teen Titans Rape! -- Hey, while my 8-year-old was watching Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network this evening, I noted with discomfort that the villain was established anal rapist Dr. Light. But it looks like he didn't rape anybody in this episode. Whew! What a relief!

New Kochalka Interview -- Everybody's favourite superstar, James Kochalka, is featured in this new interview. The introduction is in Norwegian, but the interview is in English so scroll down to get to the part you can read.

Signed Absolute Danger Girl HC! -- Just added this listing to the fundraising sale page, courtesy of Earthworld Comics:

LOT #82: ABSOLUTE DANGER GIRL HC SIGNED BY J. SCOTT CAMPBELL. Written by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell; Art by Campbell and Alex Garner; collecting the phenomenally popular DANGER GIRL: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION and THE J. SCOTT CAMPBELL DANGER GIRL SKETCHBOOK as a limited-edition, signed-and-numbered, oversized, slip-cased, two-volume hardcover set. This Absolute Edition features the full 7-issue miniseries plus a ton of behind-the-scenes sketches and a cover gallery. Limited to 10,000 copies. HC, 8x12, 326pg. Brand new, unopened.

PRICE INCLUDING SHIPPING: $55.00 (cover price $75.00)

For details, e-mail me or check out the fundraising sale page for this and other items at bargain prices.

BLUESMAN Alert! -- One of the most exciting releases of the year is Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo's BLUESMAN. It's just about here, and I'm hoping you'll take a look and pre-order it NOW from your retailer. BLUESMAN is by the same creative team as the Eisner-nominated CASTAWAYS, which was one of the best debut graphic novels I've ever read.

I've been priviliged to read much of BLUESMAN in advance, and I'm telling you that you're in for a great read, scary, funny, dark and more human than just about any graphic novel I've ever read.

The Absence Of Ink website is now updated to reflect the BLUESMAN
solicitation at, so if you have a website, column or blog, please link to that and let people know this book is coming.

BLUESMAN is solicited in the current issue of Previews, so anyone who wants to order a copy needs to tell their retailer now or very soon they want it. I've already ordered mine, won't you join me in supporting great comics?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Good Doom Patrol News From John Byrne -- Fans of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol will be delighted to hear this from John Byrne:

"Doom Patrol", as I have noted on many a previous
occasion, suffers from much the same problems as
all the post-Morrison incarnations --- we (loyal fans)
know this stuff isn't "real". We know everything since
Morrison left must somehow get erased from history, along with all the
events surround it.

Oops, he's only talking about Star Trek (11th post down).

Funny how Byrne only gets pissed off about people talking about how his work is irrelevant.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Daredevil Love -- Received this in my e-mail...

Dear Alan,

Just a quick note to congratulate you on such an excellent piece on the DD #191 issue. Very thoughtful, a great deconstruction of the work of a master deconstructionist! It's always nice to see such intelligent, mature treatment of an art form that sometimes demands it. Great work!

I write for, and I did a feature on Miller's Daredevil recently - much more of an overview than your article, but still might be worth a look if you're into Miller's DD? You can find it at:
...if you're interested. Not as in-depth as your piece, but I think it's always worth bringing Miller's DD to people's attention...


Dave's piece is a nice overview of Miller's Daredevil work; go give it a look.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Brilliant But Cancelled Meme-Building -- Casey Parkman is blogging about
Brilliant But Cancelled comic books, so I thought I'd contribute to the meme pool with these offerings:

All right bloggers, your turn. What's on your list of Brilliant But Cancelled comic books?

Tuesday's Galaxy Update -- In Part Three of The Conversation, ADD and Chris Allen engage in a little Galactic Navel-Gazing; Joe Rybandt has Lifespan: Comics Week Seven, and ADD's Quick Hits has new reviews of Tim Sale Black and White, Freedom Fries: The Political Art of Steve Brodner, In The Shadow of No Towers and Lackluster World #1. We've also updated the Fundraising Sale Page with new items and marked down some prices on others. Have a look at and check out the bargains! It's all in the Most Recent Updates section of the main page.

Update: Perhaps timed to coincide with the release of Art Spiegelman's In The Shadow of No Towers, reviewed today at Comic Book Galaxy in the reviews section, The Village Voice has reposted Ted Rall's controversial essay on Spiegelman. (Thanks to Kevin Melrose).

Update to the Update: Time.comix's Andrew Arnold has a well-written review of In The Shadow of No Towers.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Hall of Shame Closes Doors -- Well, this sucks. One of my favourite comics columns is going away. If you never read it, check out the archives and have a good laugh (or a dozen) at the foolish excesses over-monied comics "investors" will go to.

New Stuff, Lower Prices in the SALE! -- I think this'll likely be the last week of the fundraising sale, and I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that! Anyway, today I've lowered just about every price on every remaining item, and added an item or two as well. So if you haven't had a look at the page in a while, give it a look and help support the site.

If you already placed an order, I'm planning a huge mailing this week, so your stuff will be on its way shortly. A big THANK YOU to everyone who's helped out during this fundraising effort.

In other site news, I'm working on a major interview with one of my all-time favourite comics creators, more news on that as it develops. Coming tomorrow, most likely, new reviews and the next Conversation between Chris Allen and myself...and whatever else I have time to work on. I thought Labor Day was a day off?!?

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Five Questions for Ed Cunard -- No, not from me, but Ed Cunard answers Five Questions About Independent Comics over at his fab new blog The Low Road.

“Indy,” in terms of usage, is a horrible fucking descriptor. It means something different to everyone, and no one seems to be able to get around that problem. I mean, are Dreamwave books “indy” because they aren’t published by one of the big four? But, let’s say distribution is the core of the indy definition, and include those books that look like big, corporate comics.

That's why I generally use the term "artcomix" these days to discuss the vital alternative titles that are worth seeking out; generally they have the creation of enduring art as one of their primary goals rather than the creation of commerce, which is what any book featuring The Transformers or whatever godawful shit it is that Dreamwave is dredging back up from the sediment of the Reagan Years is created for. I also endorse Ed's list of quality artcomix publishers, although it's a little more inclusive than my mental list is. You're still more likely to be entertained and doing a better thing by supporting any of the companies he mentions than the ones that profit from rape, of either the Jack Kirby or Sue Dibny variety.

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