Saturday, August 28, 2004

TCJ's Accidental Mission Statement -- You couldn't ask for a better explanation of what Dirk Deppey is up to with The Comics Journal now and in the months to come than the one you'll find right here. Some timely bitching about an Erik Larsen interview from four or five years and two or three editors ago (the issue that also featured a James Kochalka flip-cover and interview, for Pete's sake) leads to a back and forth between Dirk and Tom Spurgeon on the goals and direction of The Universe's Best Comics Magazine.

Friday, August 27, 2004

New Stuff at the SALE! -- If you haven't visited the fundraising sale page in the last day or so, I've added a slew of sets and graphic novels (some signed!), and lowered the price of some other items. So have a look, and thanks for your support!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Order BLUESMAN Today! -- I see in the new Previews that Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo's BLUESMAN is finally being solicited to ship to stores in November from Absence of Ink. This is going to be one of the best comics series of the year, and since it won't be wrapped up (it's three issues) until 2005, it might very well be one of the best two years running!

Seriously, I have seen a great deal of the art from BLUESMAN and read most of the script, and it is a moving, human story of life and death told with wit and insight. Tell your retailer to turn to page 198 of the September Previews and order BLUESMAN for you today. You can also read more about it in my Five Questions for Rob Vollmar over at Newsarama.

If you're a blogger or columnist, please help get the word out about this terrific work from the creators of THE CASTAWAYS and let's make BLUESMAN the huge success it is meant to be.

Sale Additions -- The Galaxy's sale page has been updated with a pair of signed Alan Moore books and a few late additions from yesterday afternoon as well. Click over and have a look! Also, the Galaxy's Nick Capetillo has a pair of eBay auctions going on to support the site...

P. Craig Russell's Isolation and Illusion


Shade the Changing Man: American Freak TPB.

Click on over and give 'em a look!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Get Great Reading at Low, Low Prices!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


A Dash of Shaw -- If you like comics like I do (and by now I suspect you have a pretty good idea of whether that's the case or not), you'll be excited to know that Dash Shaw has a new graphic novel coming out.

His previous work Gardenhead thrilled me with its combination of graphic experimentation and unusual storytelling. Shaw's next project is a 128-page graphic novel debuting at spx 2004 in October. It's titled "love eats brains!" but Shaw says it's a totally new story than the original series he put out with the same name. I guess he must be attached to that title.

Here's what we know so far about the new book:

Dash Shaw's epic zombie romance chronicles a photographer torn between his pregnant wife and the memory of a dead, teenage librarian. One night all hell breaks loose. Dash's art varies as the story weaves in and out of memories, horror and romance.

This beautiful, oversized graphic novel will break your heart and brain. Honest.

LOVE EATS BRAINS! "Melds gore with philosophy with heartbreak and blends it all into a wicked stew of collage, thumbprints, and angst-filled pen strokes"
-PUNCHLINE magazine

"potential funnybook breakout stardom"- The Comics Journal

"Dash's work is full of passion and enthusiasm for the art form" -David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil)

128 pages. 8.5 X 11" MATURE READERS; published by oddgod press

There are sample pages and more information available at Check it out and let your retailer know you want Love Eats Brains!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Today at Comic Book Galaxy -- Check out Lifespan: Comics Week Six by Joe Rybandt, and my reviews of Sam Kieth's Ojo #1 and the JLA/Avengers Collector's Edition HC.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Chris Allen Clarifications -- From the man himself...

Aside from the fact my time is limited, thereís another reason I donít do much blogging or posting on message boards, and thatís because Iím often too sharp-tongued and short-tempered. My phaser is stuck on ďkillĒ, and so, while I hardly ever get into a virtual screaming match with anyone, I do tend to write some things I come to regret.

This happened with my last entry, the one pertaining to Scott Tiptonís latest Comics 101, where I disagreed with some of Scottís comments about whether it was appropriate for IDENTITY CRISIS writer Brad Meltzer to show well-liked DC supporting character Sue Dibny (wife of the Elongated Man) raped and murdered. Well, you can get my opinion in the blog entry, but the problem is that I shouldnít have used Scott as a convenient target for my own simmering feelings about a lot of fanboys who think all superhero comics should be safe and predictable and bad things should only happen to characters no one cares about.

Had I read all of Scottís article first, rather than just reacting to the excerpts I saw, Iíd see Scott was much more balanced about it and took care to examine both sides of the issue. Not to mention that it was a fine mini-history of the Dibnyís before that. So, I really must apologize to Scott, especially for cracks like the one I made about the Death of Robin, which I learned Scott also objected to, at least the tastelessness in which it came about (the 800 number reader voting). Also, while mentioning that he works for a toy company is true, and a relatively effective way to establish that heís a little more nostalgic than average, it strikes me now as sounding like a putdown, which wasnít intended. My ire shouldnít have been directed at Scott (I did say some nice things, too!), and again, Iím sorry about that.

One really disturbing thing I found out after this entry is that some people have construed that blog entry and other comments Iíve made since leaving Movie Poop Shoot (I have no idea what these are alleged to be) as somehow being evidence that I have any sort of bad feelings about my former site. Iíll take the heat for the Tipton thing -- I was wrong there -- but I really hate people making up total bullshit to stir up trouble. MPS was always good to me, and continues to be an excellent site, probably a little better overall since I left, actually. I donít check it out every day, but then, I donít check out much of anything every day. Iím busy with a lot of other things, thatís all. Long live Movie Poop Shoot. So as far as Iím concerned my time there is an open book, but not a very exciting one. I wrote a ton of columns there, had fun and had great technical and editorial support, shared space with a lot of talented people, and could no longer sustain my column the way it was, so I left. Out of respect for the column and the site, I retired it, replaced by the usually-much-much-shorter CA Comments. Anyway, thatís enough outta me. Look for more reviews, and even less commentary on what other people are doing.

Chris Allen

Photos from the JKS Booksigning Party! -- And here they are!

Sketch Blogging -- Drew this yesterday with a Sharpie marker, coloured in the tease to get the full image:

I haven't tried drawing with a Sharpie in years, but picked some up after noticing that was what James Kochalka was sketching with in Burlington Tuesday night. I had given up on Sharpies because the ink turns purple over time, ruining the original art; they also tend to soak into cheap paper, blotting the inkline. This was drawn on a laser paper stock that held the line quite well, and it occurs to me that if you're scanning the image in right away, the fading of the Sharpie line over time doesn't matter if the final image will be digitized anyway.

I had enough fun with this to start drawing more often...if I have any major victories, I'll post 'em here.

Recommended Reading -- Just got done updating and overhauling the recommended reading page here at Comic Book Galaxy. If you want to suggest a website, comic or graphic novel for addition to the list, please email me your ideas, and let me know if you find the page useful in your search for quality reading.

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