Saturday, October 04, 2003

Good Comics Reviews -- A new comics review column that I really like is New Comics Day by Bryan Miller. Check him out and see what you think. His Wolverine #3 review sealed the deal for me. When you can be right and hysterically funny all at once, you've arrived, in my book.

An Actual Good Retail Experience -- Stopped in at the Coconuts in Queensbury, NY last night looking for the Mer de Nom CD by A Perfect Circle (the Tool spinoff group's first album, from 2000). While I was looking for it among ten million copies of their current disc Thirteenth Step, my daughter checked that one out at a listening station and decided she loved it (apparently hearing me play it at home hadn't registered). So, finding Mer de Nom, I took it up to the register to pay for it, and the woman behind the counter actually pointed out to me politely that it was the band's old CD, in case I was making a mistake and looking for their new disc. When I told her I had the new one and wanted to get the earlier offering, she opined that Mer de Nom was the better album, which is what I've heard, and I told her that. We then had a brief conversation about the merits of the two CDs and about my first exposure to Tool through their CD Lateralus (which she was a fan of).

A small thing, but it's so rare to find a clerk that knows anything about what they're selling, or cares enough about their customers to steer them to what they actually want, that I was really impressed by this brief conversation.

Unfortunately, I haven't actually had time to listen to the CD yet. Hopefully today.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Peanuts Info -- Information is starting to be released about The Complete Peanuts. The more I hear, the more I like.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

I'm in the News -- John Jakala over at Grotesque Anatomy has noticed my meager new effort. Thanks, John. I think this is a "reimagining," we'll see soon. I'd link directly to his post, but his archives are as non-functional as mine. Viva Blogger!

BlogThanks -- My thanks to Pop Culture Gadabout Bill Sherman for being the first blogger I've noticed to add my new blog to his blogroll. Nice to be back.

Mailing List -- I'm changing my mailing list (which formerly was the Comic Book Galaxy Updates list) to a discussion list, so if you'd like to take part, visit the list's home page and sign up if you're not already a member.

Getting There -- I dunno, I'm not happy with the way the template and formatting of this blog are shaping up, but I don't seem to be able to find anyone else who can wrangle it either, and I've managed to work around the most egregious problems. Seems to me Blogger used to work better, but, whatever.

I've only told two or three people total about the existence of this thing, and as with when it began a few days ago, I'm still not totally certain I even want to continue blogging. The urge to get this thing into shape could either be an atavistic twitch of a former web personality, or the start of something new, and unlike my usual understanding of my intentions, I have no idea which one it will turn out to be. As it is, I am writing this right here, right now, for an audience of one.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Mood Ring -- Big Sunny D has shared his mood today, so I'll do the same, what the hell.

Lately, in general, I am fed up and bored. More specifically I am overcome with the urge to tear it all down and see how I can build it all back up. I suppose that's why I'm here.

This morning I listened to the Donnie Darko soundtrack, which has some nice, pensive incidental music and a couple of standout themes. I don't know yet if I like the fact that the Mad World cover is on the CD. I like the cover, it was great in the movie, but it definitely breaks the mood of the rest of the CD, especially since it's on the CD three goddamned times in a row.

I watched some of Zoolander this morning and was surprised by how much I liked it. I'll probably finish it later. Bartleby is an excellent movie I just saw recently, kind of a cross between Office Space and Blue Velvet, and I saw American Splendor last weekend with my wife and thought it was outstanding.

Over the long weekend (I took a couple vacation days to make a four-day mini-vaycay) I bought and devoured R. Crumb's Gotta Have 'Em, a limited edition slipcased hardcover featuring drawings of the women in his life from 1964 to 2002. The book is highlighted by numerous drawings of Crumb's daughter Sophie, from the first month of her life to the age of 20, and his adoration for her comes through in every line. A great book, if you can find a copy make sure you buy it.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Something New -- This is something new. This is not What Went Before. This may, in fact, be nothing much at all. Feel free to go away. I don't know if I want you here. I don't know if I want to be here. I'm going to go mess with the code now, because it's Sunday morning and there's nothing else to do. Maybe I'll make a logo. Those are always fun.


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