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Monday, May 13, 2002

The New Overstreet Price Guide -- The industry's most prominent guide to pricing old comics came out last week, and for the first time since 1984, I bought it. Enough comics seem to end up in my hands, and even more questions about old titles and values, that I felt it would be a valuable resource, certainly better than looking in some old Wizard magazine for information.

I got the version with the faux-Superman cover, and I was struck by the poor computer reproduction of the logo, particularly noticeable in the "The Official" oval at the top. Amazing. I don't know if it's cheapness or outright blindness, but when did publishers decide that amateurish, lousy printing that I could do on my crappy Epson printer is acceptable for books and comics and magazines presumably designed with multiple re-readings and even collectibility in mind? I mean Jesus Christ, printing like this is fine for the goddamned Church newsletter, but come on.

Inside, there's plenty of useful information on titles and values, as well as hilarious statements by nutjob dealers such as "Everyone is aroused by news of modern comics slabbed and graded at 9.5 or better selling at astonishing multiples of guide." Now, perhaps Eric J. Groves of the Comic Art Foundation is aroused by such, but even if he is, he probably shouldn't talk about it in public.

I was interested to see that there's a new "Atom Age of Comics" that I hadn't heard about, and even more interested to see that the "Atom Age" issue of Human Torch my mom bought me for $13.00 back in 1979 now goes for $85.00. Even more fascinating, the Overstreet Guide from that year, the first I bought, now goes for $180.00. It had much better reproduction of its cover artwork, too.

Originally written for Comic Book Galaxy prior to the launch of the ADD Blog.

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