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Monday, October 19, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 101909 -- What's going on? Not much, it seems...

* Tom Spurgeon talks about how and why he uses Abe Books to buy comics and related books. I'm always fascinated by how others seek out and acquire their comics; at the moment, I probably buy 60 percent of mine in area comic shops and 40 percent online on eBay, mycomicshop.com and Amazon.com, among other sites. I am intrigued by Tom's endorsement of Abe Books, though, and will definitely be giving that a look in the next few days.

* Mark Evanier -- a guy who truly knows his comics history -- remembers artist George Tuska and uses his recent death as a springboard to a very thoughtful reflection on the difference between today's comics industry and the comics industry in which Tuska and countless others plied their trade. There's some genuinely important perspective to be found in both these pieces, but the latter is a show-stopper that every comics reader should take the time to read and ponder.

* And actually not beyond, but rather within the galaxy, the Trouble with Comics gang have been keeping busy: David Wynne reports on a recent UK comics convention, Alex Ness talks to some comics retailers about where the industry is going, and the most recent Flashmob Fridays features a number of views on the final issue of Planetary.



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