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Friday, September 04, 2009

Nadel on Mazzucchelli -- Dan Nadel writes a great overview of the career in comics of David Mazzucchelli. Mazzucchelli is responsible for some of my favourite superhero comics and artcomix, and I like the insight Nadel brings to the table in looking at his fascinating development as an artist. I find what Nadel describes as Mazzucchelli's interest in "the movement of solid forms in space," to be the one thing that binds together all his comics work, from the 1980s Marvel stuff right up to Asterios Polyp. You can feel that obsession in almost every panel, no matter what point in his development Mazzucchelli is at in any given work.

Apropos of nothing, discovering the very hard to find Rubber Blanket #2 for cover price in a forgotten corner of an area comic shop was one of the highlights of my comics-buying life.


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