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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 091409 -- I read these and I think you should too.

* Now through Friday, September 25th Top Shelf is practically giving away many of their books at drastically reduced prices, many as low as $3.00. I suggest some stuff you should definitely consider buying here.

* Michael Crawford gives a thorough going-over to the David Mazzucchelli Batman statue that I love so much it hurts.

* Check out Comic Book Galaxy's new group blog, Trouble with Comics. Some new writers are on board, as well as some old faves. Tell your peeps via your tweets, or whatever it is the cool kids do these days.

* Tom Spurgeon's most recent Five for Friday tackles comics anthologies; I'm in there someplace with my two cents.

* Speaking of comics anthologies, here's my review of Abstract Comics: The Anthology, new from Fantagraphics Books.

* Uncomics: Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart talk Fringe and Star Trek. Worth it for Nimoy's comments on Karl Urban's performance as McCoy in this year's movie.



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