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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 091009 -- Today is gonna be great, because it's the one after 9/9/09.

* In what is rapidly turning into Comics Retailing Discussion Week, Chris Allen responds to despondent, lazy retailer Ilan Strasser's recent plea to please let him keep doing everything the same as he always has. Allen also looks at Ng Suat Tong's recent think-piece on writing and collaboration. I really like that smart people are talking about the comics industry they want these days instead of just accepting the loathsome status quo of the past few years.

* Shaenon Garrity examines her relationship with The Comics Journal on the eve of the magazine's gala 300th issue (link via Spurge).

* Tom Spurgeon looks at the shakeup at DC Comics. Long time coming, but we'll see if ultimately means better comics. Kurt Busiek also weighs in, honing in on Paul Levitz's job change with an interesting anecdote and analysis.

* Tony Isabella's 1000 Comics You Must Read is on the way. Tony's writing is always fun and informative, so I'm anxious to see what he highlights in this new volume.

* I wonder if I have the discipline to start saving now for TCAF 2010. That and MoCCA are the two shows I would like to go to at least once before I die. And yet I've been to a Rick Olney-organized convention. Go figure. At least I met Tony Isabella there. Hey, see how I I tied it all together there?

* Uncomics: Howard Stern explains in plain (and occasionally adult) language why racism is what's at the bottom of the rampant hatred for President Barack Obama.



Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

"There's still racism in America? But we have a black President, had two black Secretaries of State, and Oprah - how can there be racism in America?" I have actually heard that; I groan when I hear "post-racial".

10 September, 2009 06:14  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

Post-thinkal, more like.

10 September, 2009 06:49  

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