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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beyond The Galaxy 090309 -- It's the very nearly all about me edition.

* In talking about my new eBook Conversations with ADD, Bubba at Comic Book Galaxy's A Criminal Blog digs deep into the eBook to find an interesting nugget: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips once planned a comic called Black Sails. What happened to it, and what elements from it ended up in Criminal and Incognito? Also: Some Twitter highlights from recent Brubaker posts.

* Related: Chris Allen watches Ed Brubaker's Angel of Death and reports on what he sees. I saw it the wrong way, edited and censored on Spike, and still managed to love it.

* Blogger Stephen Saperstein Frug plugs my new eBook and another interesting new PDF release as well, and makes an intriguing observation about the relative perceived value of internet writing in PDF form vs. blogs or websites. This one has me thinking about the future, for sure.

* Received but not yet read: Jeff Lemire's The Complete Essex County in gorgeous, limited edition hardcover. Buy this book, folks.

* Picked up last night: David Mazzucchelli Batman Black and White statue. I love Mazzucchelli's work, and his Batman is my desert island Batman, if you know what I mean. This statue is so great that I literally now have six bucks left to my name and don't regret it. Much.

* Uncomics: I've been loving Tom Crippen's recent Star Trek writing. Like this one.



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