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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 090209 -- Being an occasional assemblage of links to posts and articles I found enjoyable, informative and/or infuriating.

* Looking at the six-page preview for the final issue of Planetary made me want to re-read every Ellis-written issue of Stormwatch, The Authority and Planetary over a long weekend.

* Steve Bissette is on tour supporting his new book, The Vermont Monster Guide.

* The final (for now) issue of Incognito by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips hits the streets today. As usual, Bubba has the news and analysis at Comic Book Galaxy's spinoff site A Criminal Blog. I'm looking forward to reading the entire series in one sitting, and even more eager to find out what that no-good Lawless boy has been up to when Criminal gets back under way.

* File under things I learned on Facebook: Amazing comics creators Rob Vollmar and John Porcellino agree with me that September is better than all the other months combined.

* Robot 6's Tim O'Shea talks to cartoonist Mike Dawson about his upcoming work, Ace-Face. Looking forward to that, and loved Freddie and Me. What I really want, though, is a Gabagool Omnibus. Come on, comics!

* Thanks for linking to my eBook yesterday: Jog, Johanna, Khaled, Mike, Mike, Tom. And whoever else I missed!

* Hilarious Because It's True Department: The Code of the Self-Checkout.

* Serious question: Whatever happened to Dick Hyacinth?

* Not Comics: Leonard Nimoy explains the emotions behind his return to Star Trek after an 18-year layoff. Fascinating.


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