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Friday, September 04, 2009

Alan Moore and Marvelman: Not Good Enough, Marvel -- It looks like Alan Moore's cooperation with Marvel publishing Marvelman is less an enthusiastic "go for it!" than a "do whatever the fuck you want and leave me alone," as seen in this interview at Mania.com.

Now, Moore does say he's happy with Marvel's plans as long as Mick Anglo and his family are compensated, but as I said when Marvel's Marvelman plans first came to light, "Nothing short of a joint Alan Moore/Joe Quesada press conference in which they shake hands and Moore smiles a lot will change my mind," in regards to my profound reservations about Marvel's stewardship of this particular intellectual property. From what Moore says at the Mania interview, he still sounds (rightfully) bitter toward Marvel, and doesn't want his name on the project. He says he expects Marvel to go along with the idea of leaving his name off any forthcoming books, but man, do I ever have a hard time envisioning that happening. Leaving Alan Moore's name off a Marvelman collection means at least some lost revenue, especially outside the Direct Market, and how often do you think Marvel and DC leave money on the table for ethical reasons? More often than Big Bangs, happen, sure, but far less often than Paris Hilton leaves the house with no undies on.

So, given Moore's obviously mixed feelings about the endeavour, I personally can't get excited about any Marvel Comics Marvelman plans. And listen, seriously, there's nothing more that I would like in my collection than a one-volume complete Marvelman hardcover. But I'd feel far better about laying out a thousand bucks for this custom Miracleman hardcover on eBay than a hundred bucks for an Omnibus Edition "officially" published by Marvel, under what appears to be some pretty unsatisfactory conditions for the writer who made the property valuable in the first place, with his brilliant rethinking of a pretty bland and uninteresting character.

Why is it so fucking hard for the corporate comics companies to just treat their writers and artists well and generate the goodwill necessary to make buying their goddamned books something other than a cringe-inducing exercise in ethical compromise?



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