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Monday, August 03, 2009

In and Out of The Trance -- The final line of this Onion A/V Club interview with Steve Bissette (via Spurge) makes me more than a little sad, because I really love Steve Bissette's comics work, and, pursuant to my previous post, I just can't believe comics as a whole is in a place where one of the prime movers of Swamp Thing in the 1980s isn't being wooed by every publisher extant with bucketloads of gold coins and carafes of the finest wines in the land. Anyway, it's a terrific interview that looks at Steve's days working with Alan Moore and John Totleben, gives away some spoilers about the Tyrant issues that never were, and talks about his work with the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Semi-related: Remember the day I met Steve Bissette? That was an awesome day.

Edited to add: Check out Steve Bissette's website. (Thanks for the nudge, Roger!)



Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Your readers should check out Steve's blog: http://srbissette.com/

Related, I have had the pleasure of meeting Steve a few times, though not in a couple decades. We HAVE occasionally corresponded since then, though.

03 August, 2009 11:24  

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