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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Expanding and Contracting Galaxies -- Man, I was trying to get it clear in my head this morning how many distinct eras Comic Book Galaxy has had. We're weeks away from the site's ninth anniversary (we launched September 1, 2000), and recently Chris Allen and I have been reminiscing in email about all that's happened in that time (Chris wrote a little bit about it here). One thing we're thinking about doing it trying to, in some way, index as much of the old site as we can. Many of the original HTML files are long gone (I have always admitted to being a lousy webmaster, at least give me that much), but luckily a lot (not all, but a lot) of the site is preserved on Archive.org.

I've begun a preliminary project to archive some of the site in a more user-friendly manner, and one of the things I am trying to complete is a master list of everyone who has ever contributed to the site. If you wrote for Comic Book Galaxy in the past decade, but for some reason your name is not here, drop me a line, would you?

So far, here is the complete list of contributors as I can determine:

Christopher Allen
Derik A. Badman
Tom Beland
Alex Jay Berman
Michael T. Bradley
Tom Brevoort
Ian Brill
Nick Capetillo
Johanna Draper Carlson
Sal Cipriano
Jeremy Clifft
Sean T. Collins
Mike Comeau
Dan Coyle
Matt Craig
Michael Crawford
Ed Cunard
Ken Cuperus
Victor Destefano
Loren DiIorio
Alan David Doane
Ed Douglas
Scott Eagan
d. emerson eddy
John Fellows
Adam Fischer
Brian Florence
Jeff Frank
Mark Haden Frazier
Jesus Garcia
Caleb Gerard
JC Glindmyer
Andrew Goletz
Glenn Greenberg
Jef Harmatz
Jeet Heer
Fred Hembeck
Shawn Hoke
Steve Horton
Chris Hunter
Devin Hyde
Brian Johnson
David Allen “Johnny Bacardi” Jones
Joe Lawler
Margaret Liss
Brian Lynch
Jason Marcy
Pat Markfort
Mick Martin
Derek Martinez
Marc Mason
Kevin Mathews
Gordon McAlpin
Joe “Jog” McCulloch
Evan Meadow
Bryan Miller
Brian Nicholson
Rod Nunley
Marshall O’Keeffe
Michael Paciocco
Kiel Phegley
Logan Polk
Neil Polowin
Princess, The
Ted Rall
Joe Rice
Ted Richichi
Dani Royer
Chris Ryall
Joseph Rybandt
Anthony Schiavino
Bill Sherman
Ian Shires
R. Francis Smith
Marc Sobel
Mike Sterling
Jason St. Claire
Diana Tamblyn
Matt Terl
Jerry Turner
Rob Vollmar
Aaron Weisbrod
Paul Weissburg
Dan Wickline
Monte Williams
Jim Witt
Mike Yates

A lot of talented names on that list. I'm grateful to every one of them for the time and effort they expended trying to make Comic Book Galaxy better.



Blogger KP said...


Glad to be counted for my brief, unspectacular run as a CBG contributor. I'm still super grateful you'd let me write something in a place someone might read it way back before I had any kind of job doing this.

Hope you're doing well!

- Kiel Phegley

06 August, 2009 16:28  
Blogger Adam P. Knave said...

Alan -

I think I only contributed a few reviews before the site underwent a revision and you dropped the reviews. But I remeber them fondly.

- Adam

06 August, 2009 16:48  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

Thanks to both of you!

And Adam, believe me, it's slow work, but we are trying to recompile all the old content. And your efforts (and reminder) are greatly appreciated!

06 August, 2009 18:00  

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