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Friday, August 28, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 082809 -- Being an occasional assemblage of links to posts and articles I found enjoyable, informative and/or infuriating.

* Only Chris Allen could convince me that maybe I should check out the new issue of Fantastic Four.

* Today is the anniversary of Jack Kirby's birth. I recently read Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 2, and taking in that much Kirby/Sinnott artwork all at once made me really and truly realize how powerful and paradigm-shifting their creative partnership was. Kirby could be, and frequently was, great under the hands of other inkers. But his FF work with Joe Sinnott redefined what superhero comics looked liked for an entire generation, and not just of comic book readers, either. I doubt the industry will ever see Kirby's unique combination of talent, energy and work ethic combined in one artist ever again.

* Hmm, this is intriguing. The Rolling Stone of comics discussion, you say?

* Not Comics: This came in handy as I was rebuilding my PC after having to reformat the hard drive -- 43 free Windows enhancements you should know about.



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