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Monday, August 24, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 082409 -- Being an occasional assemblage of links to posts and articles I found enjoyable, informative and/or infuriating.

* Chris Allen reflects on his 40th birthday with a bravura post that you really have to read for yourself.

* Tom Spurgeon begins collating nominees for the best comics of the decade. This could be a very interesting project to keep an eye on.

* Not Comics: Mikal Gilmore examines the process of writing his new Rolling Stone cover article on the breakup of the Beatles. Planning to buy the issue as soon as I can, really looking forward to reading this piece.

Sorry so short today; spent most of Sunday editing the upcoming eBook, and besides, hardly anybody talks about comics over the weekend.



Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Hope the Beatles' story is better than the story about the story. John is my favorite Beatle (his picture's in my office; a picture of Strawberry Fields is in my home), but I agree w the comments about the anti-Paul bias.

24 August, 2009 16:58  

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