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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 082009 -- Being an occasional assemblage of links to posts and articles I found enjoyable, informative and/or infuriating.

* Abhay Khosla's Bram Stoker's Dracula is definitely in the running as one of the best comics of the year. And I don't say that just because I want to have a sex change operation and bear Abhay many ugly Doane-Khosla babies; I say it also because it's just the greatest thing since Street Angel.

* Tom Spurgeon weighs in with some of the negative effects the planned Diamond skip week could have on the direct market.

* Also in Spurgeville, Tom gets a quote from Eric Reynolds at Fantagraphics about the hiring of Jacq Cohen (congrats, Jacq!) as the publisher's new publicist. Having worked with Eric Reynolds for a decade now on all things publicity (both here on CBG and in my radio gig), I must say it's strange to see such a huge change at my favourite comics publisher, but Eric and Jacq are both extraordinary professionals who make the comics industry better by their participation in it, and I am pleased as punch for both of them.

* Chris Allen posts the second part of what it means to be a fan of an artist over the long term.

* Mark Evanier wants to bring back the comic book letters page. This kind of dovetails with my strong feeling that any first issue that doesn't have a well-written introductory text piece is really a failure as a first issue. I really find more value in any comic that takes the time and space to speak to me as a reader, recent good examples being Fell, Casanova and Criminal. The Conan letters pages are always of interest, as well, and I like the "Two-Gun Bob" strips they always include. That definitely rings of added value and caring about the reader beyond the basic demand of filling up 22 pages with comic book storytelling.

* Over on CBG spinoff A Criminal Blog, Bubba relates the latest news on Criminal and Incognito.

* Sean T. Collins shares his formula for graphic novels likely to get sales boosts from movie adaptations.

* Not comics: HP Lovecraft was born 119 years ago today. Read his essay Supernatural Horror in Literature.



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