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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beyond the Galaxy 081909 -- Being an occasional assemblage of links to posts and articles I found enjoyable, informative and/or infuriating.

* Chris Butcher on Diamond taking two weeks off from delivering comics at the end of this year. Having given up the weekly comic shop habit (I stop in once or twice a month to pick up my subscribed books, and buy more often online and at mainstream bookstores like Borders), I don't much care one way or the other, but the reaction could be interesting.

* The new Comics Journal (#299) is in Direct Market stores today. I got mine a week ago and love it, especially the absolutely essential Bob Levin cover article.

* TCJ message board discussion of the end of Richard Sala's Delphine, which I really dug and need to reread in its entirety.

* Hipster Dad looks at Bring on the Bad Guys, one of the essential superhero anthologies of my childhood. I've managed to find cheap copies of Origins of Marvel Comics and Son of Origins, wish I could find this one.

* Augie remembers the late and truly great Mike Wieringo, with lots of art and a great final quote from Ringo.

* Not comics: HP Lovecraft Wikipedia entry and archive of his fiction.



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