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Monday, July 13, 2009

I Read Asterios Polyp -- I wish I could say more than that, but I don't have much. Timothy Callahan wrote a fantastic review of the book, which is your best bet if looking for intelligent discussion of David Mazzucchelli's new work.

I loved it, I loved the design of it, the duality of the mythological and the mundane at work in the characters, the wordplay, the obvious labour-of-love feel of the entire thing. At once, it recalls Mazzucchelli's work on Paul Auster's City of Glass, and the stylings and brilliance of Kirby, Krigstein, Toth and others, all harmonizing together to create a sustained lyricism and beauty, held together by the petty arrogance and eventual open heart of the title character.

It's an awesome book, certainly one of the two or three best graphic novels of this year. Read it before you delve into any reviews, and then check out Callahan's review, linked above. It'll give you food for thought and signposts to look for on future re-readings, of which I am guessing there will be many.



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