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Monday, July 13, 2009

Five for Contrarianism -- On Friday, Tom Spurgeon asked readers to name five "Five for Friday" categories that would be difficult to populate.

I have picked the responses that stood out to me as ones actually able to be fully filled-out.

List Five Really Excellent Comic Book Shops You've Personally Been To

1. Million-Year Picnic (Cambridge, MA)
2. Modern Myths (Northampton, MA)
3. Earthworld (Albany, NY)
4. The Beguiling (Toronto, ON)
5. Crow Books (Burlington, VT)

Name five comics writers you consider at least on par with whoever you consider to be the top five writers in prose, film or television

1. Alan Moore
2. Dan Clowes
3. Jaime Hernandez
4. R. Crumb
5. Renee French

Name five writers on comics you could see writing for the New Yorker if the magazine introduced a regular comics section next week

1. RC Harvey
2. Tom Spurgeon
3. Christopher Allen
4. Christopher Butcher
5. Timothy Callahan

Name five good comics shops within reasonable traveling distance

1. Earthworld (Albany, NY)
2. Electric City Comics (Schenectady, NY)
3. Comic Depot (Greenfield Center, NY)
4. Excellent Adventures (Ballston Spa, NY)
5. Aquilonia Comics (Troy, NY)

Name five five-for-fives for which you would have to be one of the answers

1. Name five people blamed for evangelizing about Street Angel during the blowback resulting from the initial spread of positive word about the title.
2. Name one of the five people who contributed to the introduction of Barry Windsor-Smith's Young GODS and Friends collection.
3. Name five comics bloggers approached by Marvel Comics to pitch to write a series for them in the early part of this decade.
4. Name five people who thought Kramers Ergot #7 might have been priced a bit too high and had the unparalleled gall to say so publicly, and therefore should be killed.
5. Name five early Comic Book Galaxy contributors who have not gone on to be a famous comic book creator or editor-in-chief of a top-five comic book publishing company.

List five readable comics based on television properties

1. IDW's Star Trek efforts.
2. DC's Babylon 5 series.
3. The Prisoner
4. DC Star Trek comics written by Peter David.
5. OK, you got me, I can only think of four for this one.



Blogger Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

That Crow Books place looks fantastic - we will be in Burlington next week and I hope we can stop in, so thanks!

On the other hand, we may miss Million Year Picnic, as our hosts in Boston say they prefer a place called Hub instead... ah well!

15 July, 2009 13:29  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

Oh, man, don't deprive yourself of Million Year Picnic, especially for their selection of small press and mini-comics. You'll find stuff you never dreamed existed, and I love the way they rack that stuff.

There's a "real" comic shop not far from Crow Books, in the same outdoor shopping venue...and it seriously sucks.

Oh, if you like Asian cuisine, and I believe you do! -- there's a great Japanese place a few doors down from Crow Books.

Hope you enjoy your travels, Grant!

15 July, 2009 13:32  

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