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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Monday Briefing on Tuesday -- It was a busier than expected holiday weekend for me, ending yesterday with a backyard barbecue at our house attended by some family and good friends and held in about the best weather you could hope for in late May. The sun was shining, but the humidity was low and the bugs were almost non-existent. Ate too much, talked too much, and slept like a log last night, which I almost never do.

Recently read and really enjoyed: Why I Killed Peter from NBM (startlingly good autobio that veers from Michel Michel Rabagliati-like whimsy to head-crushing reality) and The Photographer from First Second (non-fiction as well, an amazing account of one photographer's journey through Afghanistan and the life-altering experiences he had there).

Recently pissed me off: The cancellation of Life on NBC and The Sarah Conner Chronicles on Fox. Both were well-done series that I looked forward to every week, and I'm sorry they didn't get another chance to find an audience. I'm glad Dollhouse was renewed, but I hope it starts to feel more like a real Joss Whedon series and less like the network suits are going over every script with a red pencil and an X-Acto knife.

Decided not to bother: The new Terminator movie was always a "maybe" for me, but the cancellation of the TV series and the uninviting trailers combined to keep me away from the theater this past weekend. Plus, I am still riding the buzz from seeing the new Star Trek movie and I feel like seeing something so obviously inferior would spoil that. If that makes sense.

Can't believe the weekend went by so quickly. Today it's back to work, for a thankfully short work-week. Off to the salt mines.



Blogger Scott Dunbier said...

I'm pissed off about Sarah Connor too—what a great cliffhanger ending, and one we'll never see explained.

26 May, 2009 22:53  
Blogger Comics007 said...

I'm not pleased about Sarah Connor ending, but then again the ratings were always in the toilet. I guess we should be lucky we got 2 full seasons out of it.

Just saw the new Terminator tonight and I do recommend it. It wasn't ground-breaking in any way, but it was pretty solid. MUCH better than Terminator 3, that's for sure!

28 May, 2009 01:08  

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