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Monday, April 06, 2009

The Monday Briefing -- Took the family, as expected, to The Albany Comicon yesterday. It seemed more packed than ever with dealers, people looking to buy comics, people dressed in costume (including many Star Wars characters, which blew my son's mind -- I'm the Trekkie of the family, he loves all things Star Wars), and at least one guy who seemed to be taking pictures for (I assume) the local newspaper.

Despite quite a few half-price graphic novel bins, I didn't spend any money at all on comics -- the show is a lot of fun but most of the dealers are dedicated almost exclusively to superheroes and nostalgia (and superhero nostalgia). I was tempted by a leather-bound Complete Frank Miller Batman hardcover that I've always wished I owned (you know the one, purple, collected DKR, Year One and that oddball, early-career Christmas story?), but it was priced at $48.00 and that's too much for me to pay right now for a book that I own 95 percent of the contents already, twice over for Year One.

I did get to talk briefly to former FantaCo guy Rocco Nigro, always great to talk comics with, and Rocco introduced me to writer/blogger Timothy Callahan, who I had no idea lived as close to Albany as he does. It was fun to hang with those guys, however briefly. Missed Roger Green this time out, although a little bird Tweets at me that he was there later in the day. Next time for sure, Rog.

The only money I spent inside the convention was on some Star Trek action figures, a symptom of my growing excitement for the release of the movie, now, hello, one month and two days away. If anyone gets word of the new movie toys being sighted anywhere, do let me know, as I am hoping to score a set of those.

I really liked Tom Spurgeon's newest economy-minded comics-buying recommendations, 10 Avenues for Buying Comics as Used Books. I don't use the word "Avenue" in my post titles nearly enough, I don't think.

Oh, hey, check out my review of Yoshihiro Tatsumi's A Drifting Life, which I posted yesterday.

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