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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Huge Star Trek Movie Spoilers -- Readers of IDW's Countdown series already know what I consider the biggest spoiler, but a new synopsis of the movie's novelization spells it out in black and white as well. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU DON'T WANT A MAJOR PLOT POINT SPOILED.

I'm usually fine with spoilers -- I read the entire script of the sixth Trek movie -- a murder mystery, no less! -- and still loved seeing the film when it came out in theaters, and still love it to this day (despite a couple of major mistakes in the script that sadly made it to the screen*).

This one, though -- maybe it's the old, old Trekker in me speaking, but I wish I didn't know the villain Nero's motivation going in. It's so huge for the Trek universe, and so enmeshed in the post-Nemesis world in such a delicious way, that I really do wish it was going to be a surprise when the film plays out before me for the first time in May.

All that said, if you're really, really okay with spoilers, click on over and have at it. If this isn't a genuinely exciting movie and a real revival of all things Star Trek, I am going to be very surprised and hugely disappointed. So far, everything looks right to me -- even the comic book prequel I didn't think I'd care about at all is pretty much essential -- and I can't wait for May to get here.

* Scotty would not have called the Klingon Chancellor's daughter a "bitch," and the character Valeris's origin as Saavik remained painfully obvious in at least two sequences.

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