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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mother Come Home Hardcover Preview -- Longtime readers may be aware of my love for all things Paul Hornschemeier. One of the greatest days of my comics-reading life was the day Rob Vollmar told me about his work (leading me to forever assume that if Rob likes it, it must be good). Additionally, the first article I ever wrote for the Comics Journal was a Paul Hornschemeier profile. So needless to say, I'm fully invested in his stuff.

Despite this established interest, man, the preview of the new hardcover edition of Mother Come Home blew my mind. That is one fine looking book. Congratulations to the cartoonist and everyone at Fantagraphics for finally giving this story the presentation it has always deserved.

Buy Mother Come Home from amazon.com.



Blogger Rob said...


You better to wait to read my upcoming review of Vol 1-3 of the Silver Age Aquaman collections before you start throwing around that "Everyone Rob likes is good" stuff too casual-like.

Kudos to Paul!!


13 February, 2009 01:37  

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