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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Definitive Cla$$war On Its Way -- I'm excited about the soon-to-be-available graphic novel collecting the previously-released issues and a new conclusion of Cla$$war, written by Rob Williams with art from Trevor Hairsine and Travel Foreman. It hits the stands in March. Here's what I had to say when I first reviewed the debut issue back in 2002:
Cla$$war features a team of government-sponsored superheroes who discover the government is a corrupt, treacherous entity and decides to go public with what they've learned. With an illegal coup having destroyed over two-hundred years of lawful government in the U.S., you could not ask for a more timely storyline. Rob Williams and Trevor Hairsine's work is compelling and confrontational, clearly inspired by such titles as Astro City and The Authority. Both Williams and Hairsine are developing talents, and it'll be fascinating to see where they are in five or ten years. In any case, their work here is way above average for an independent book of this stripe, and I'm looking forward to future issues.
Well, the future is now...or at least, this March.

Com.X's Ben Shahrabani tells me that when it was initially published, "Cla$$war was one of our most successful titles when we launched. After the first three issues we went and published a TPB of the first three issues due to demand, and that sold out. The decision to release Cla$$war in collected form was to push the Com.x brand back into the market and make sure the entire comic fraternity now has the opportunity to be able to purchase some of our most influential books."

You'll note that I compared the title to The Authority in my 2002 review, and I want to emphasize that at the time I was thinking of the action-packed and altogether excellent initial run of that title by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, not any later, lesser incarnations.

Shahrabani tells me the Cla$$war collection will please readers, saying "We want to make sure that we created something that we'd want to own in our personal book collection. We have sketches, posters and cover art, extra sequences and original script pages, amongst other stuff. We've also cleaned up the lettering and re-edited both books to sharpen them up. Call them 'Director's Cuts,' if you like! These will be the definitive editions."

Click the images accompanying this post to see larger versions, and for more information on Cla$$war, check out the Com.x blog.

Buy Cla$$war from amazon.com.



Blogger David Wynne said...

That looks pretty awesome.

Have you checked out any of Williams and Hairsine's other stuff? Hairsine used to be a regular artist for 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, but I don't know if he's done any work for them lately- Williams has written some pretty excellent stuff for them though, which you can find in the "Mega City Undercover" trade. One of his signature characters is an undercover judge named Dirty Frank, who likes like Alan Moore with an eyepatch, and talks about himself in the third person constantly. It's hilarious.

25 February, 2009 06:38  
Blogger Suzene said...

This sounds interesting and I like the interior art. Any word on the cover price yet?

02 March, 2009 02:09  

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