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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

20 Men I Admire -- A meme imported from Roger Green's blog...

In no particular order, but numbered so I can keep track:

1. Carl Sagan, for bringing knowledge to a world that embraces ignorance.

2. Charles Darwin, ditto.

3. Roger Green, for sharing his blogging tips with me and also being a great human being.

4. James Howard Kunstler, for calling it as he sees it, and usually getting it right.

5. James Kochalka, for living his dream.

6. Alan Moore, for calling bullshit on corporate servitude, and for bringing good writing to comics.

7. Ed Dague, for being a genuine journalist even after his retirement.

8. Hunter S. Thompson, for Truth, Justice, and Gonzo.

9. David Gilmour, for bringing poetry to his guitar.

10. Roger Waters, for creating Dark Side of the Moon with Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright.

11. My son, for being a far better human being than I could have ever taught him to be.

12. Rob Vollmar, for seeing comics more clearly than I ever can.

13. Chris Butcher, for speaking more clearly and intelligently about the comics industry than just about anybody.

14. Orson Welles, for insisting on the purity of his brilliant vision.

15. Michael Moore, for getting frustrated and actually doing something about it, again and again.

16. Jon Stewart, for being one of the last real newsmen in America, and being very funny as he does it.

17. Roger Ebert, for plainly explaining the sublime and wondrous for decades.

18. Barry Windsor-Smith, for sharing his incredible gifts with the world.

19. Steve Ditko, for being one of the greatest comic book artists ever, and for insisting on doing it his way no matter what.

20. Bernard Krigstein, for bringing intelligence to comic book art.

Sorry it's so comic-centric, but, you know, that's my life.

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Blogger Chris Hunter said...

And WHY am I not on this list?!?!?

Rest assured, sir, you will NOT be on my list!


19 February, 2009 11:57  

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