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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Farewell, Number Six -- Patrick McGoohan, star and creative force behind The Prisoner, one of the all-time greatest TV series, has died.

McGoohan's brilliant, idiosyncratic performance made The Prisoner a cornerstone of my youth and a formative influence in how I look at authority and government. The series was a landmark in television; its influence is still being felt today and cannot be overestimated.

I understand a remastered DVD set is in the works. If you've never seen the series, do whatever you have to to dig into it. It will amaze and astonish you and entertain you like nothing else you've ever experienced. It is at once a time capsule of its era and timeless in its relevance and impact.

Rest in peace, Mr. McGoohan, and thank you for a lifetime of joy.


Blogger Tim Lukeman said...

I couldn't agree more. My little 13-year old mind was astounded & expanded when "The Prisoner" first appeared that summer of '68. I've watched it many times since, and I've always come away with something new to think about. And all that's happened in the world since the series first aired has proven it to be frighteningly prescient.

Frankly, no matter how talented the people involved in the current remakes/updates, I don't know how you can improve on this original. Like the original "Star Trek," it was created in a time when the best TV writing had a strong but natural symbolic component, which more than compensates for any superficially dated elements.

At Mr. McGoohan's age, I can't be entirely surprised by his passing. But his gifts will be sorely missed. Farewell, No. 6!

15 January, 2009 07:48  

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