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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Comics As Art: We Told You So Update -- As I was putting together my 2009 preview of most-anticipated graphic novels, I wondered what was up with the delayed publication of the Fantagraphics history Comics As Art: We Told You So, written by Tom Spurgeon. Fantagraphics Publicist Eric Reynolds brought me up to date.
Comics As Art is just stuck in the scheduling limbo at this point due to the amount of work involved with it. It's all written and about two-thirds designed, but when it went off the schedule rails we lost our window of opportunity in the art director's schedule and simply haven't been able to find it again. This was probably complicated by the fact that the editor (me) and the designer (Jacob Covey) both had children last summer and have had less time than ever to work on it. We basically just need to find a month or two in Jacob's schedule to dive into it again, at which point it should come together relatively quickly. But I honestly don't know when it'll come out, if it'll be late this year or next. We're just crazy busy and this is a really labor-intensive book.
I'm thrilled to hear the book is still in the works and hasn't been permanently shelved. Whatever year it comes out, it's sure to be one of the most enjoyable and talked-about comics-related books.

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