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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The View from Seven Years -- Today marks the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. I remember vividly, as I am sure you do, where I was and what I was doing seven years ago today. And six years ago today, in 2002, when I wrote the first version of this essay.

At that time I said "my righteous rage at the opportunists that have used September 11th to further their own hidden agenda will do no good. You either realize how vile the people running this country are, or you do not. It's not as if any real effort to disguise their base thuggery is even being attempted. As long as you wrap yourself in the flag, and nude statues in blankets, it seems anything goes, and most of it is being done quite obviously, with a snide contempt for a depressingly compliant populace."

Not much has changed. George W. Bush and his illegal government -- illegally placed into office in late 2000 and raping democracy ever since -- have continued their monstrous misdeeds, unindicted and unpunished. Maybe that will change. I certainly hope so, at this late date. The clock is ticking on the chance to officially censure Bush and Cheney with impeachment; we could do it for Clinton's uncontrolled libido, but not Bush and Cheney's uncontrolled war of lies? A million lives or more have been lost since the illegal and unnecessary Iraq war was launched. Lost not only to combat, but to the poverty and disease and other "unexpected consequences" of the illegal invasion of Iraq. Not that Saddam Hussein was a bad man; he was. But the murder of one monster by another is hardly cause for celebration, particularly when my nation's fate remains in the sweaty, miserable hands of the surviving monster and the smirking, complicit corporate media that have made it all possible, and made a fortune doing so.

I love the U.S. and I realize that it used to be one of the best, most free nations on Earth. Used to be. Therefore I am deeply ashamed that its citizens have continued to tolerate a blatantly illegitimate, democracy-despising and greed-driven junta that has used the awful events of September 11th, 2001 as justification for suspending the civil rights of U.S. citizens, murdering foreigners and lining the pockets of their political and industrial allies. Int he past year it's also become apparent that Bush and his cronies in industry, finance and government have dismantled the economy of the nation and placed us all at the very brink of an economic disaster unlike any the world has ever seen. Untold poverty and misery are breathing down our necks now, with cute names like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The US will keep handing a free pass to these giant cash vampires until there's nothing at all left for the vast, devastated lower and middle class.

If I have one hope left, after over a half-decade of the televised rape of my nation, it is that I live long enough to see the thugs, monsters and bastards that have fucked up my country -- from Bush on down to his sniveling partners in the mass media -- that I live long enough to see them all indicated and brought to justice for their crimes against democracy, decency and humanity. If there's one thing that the 21st Century is crying out for, it is a mammoth market correction in the political arena that ends in Nuremberg-style trials televised across the globe and enforced by an international body empowered to enforce U.S. and international law on this most lawless of regimes. Sadly, here in the year 2008, there doesn't seem to be enough ethics or will left across the planet to ever make it happen in time.

I continue to hope that people will take the time to learn the truth of our world post-September 11th and recognize what Bush and his gang of thugs have been up to ever since. The people who are running the U.S. continue to use ignorance and fear to put forth their own obscene agenda, but as the rats desert the sinking ship and a precious few lawmakers investigate the possibilities of impeachment -- more and more, Dennis Kucinich seems like the Very Last American Hero -- and impeachment being the very minimum acceptable possible response to the past seven years --
I have a fading hope that things will turn around.

But as it stands, seven years on, the evil at home is still strong, and far more damaging than any foreign enemy. The Republican National Convention, a meeting of The Party That Wrecked America, was protected by government-funded, jackbooted stormtroopers that looked and acted as scary as anything in you'd find in fiction. The photos accompanying this article literally make me sick to my stomach. How is it that these officers can justify their actions? How can they go home at night and not throw up from disgust at their complicity and compliance? Is this all we've come to, after over two centuries of struggle for democracy?

I am not unpatriotic. On this of all days, when we remember the nearly 3,000 people who died on 9/11/01, and the many more hundreds of thousands who have died overseas with the 9/11 murders as obscene, deceitful justification, the best way we can celebrate their memory and respect their sacrifice is to remove the power from those who have committed far worse atrocities against humanity and against our democracy every single day since that awful Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001.

Seven years on, it still, unbelievably, appears that our national will is too weak to do what should and obviously must be done. If Bush and Cheney, and Rove and Rice, and all their allies and co-conspirators are allowed to finish out their illegitimate terms of office and retire to lives of wealth and leisure without punishment, without consequence, and without justice, that will be an obscenity and a crime many times worse than the obscenities and crimes we all watched seven years ago today.

Seven years on, I am angry at our national shame and disgrace at allowing the last seven years to happen without any real opposition or alternative. My nation, which once led the world and at least pretended to aspire to freedom and democracy, is more lost and far from its ideals than it has ever been in its entire history. Barack Obama and Joe Biden strike me as empty, vapid choices offered up in a cynical continuation of the same, gamed system we've been under for years. And yet, they are the only hope we seem to have at all. It's sickening how far we've fallen, how little most people seem to be aware of that fact, and how little time there now remains in which someone, somewhere might somehow begin to restore justice, freedom and democracy to a nation that seems interested in none of those things.

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