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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ebert on the McCain/Obama Debate -- Roger rarely gets this political, but it's a great piece that thinks a lot more about last week's debate than I bothered to do.

I think McCain's contempt for Obama, and for every unrich and/or nonwhite person in the country is beyond obvious; it is, in fact, the key plank of his platform, and the platform of his party, The Party That Wrecked America. But as I have painfully learned over the last eight years, what is obvious to me is obviously great to millions of people who have supported Bush's violent, cynical destruction of a formerly great nation.



Blogger LGP said...

I watched about five minutes of the debate and that's all I could stomach. Both of them spending the first half-minute of their two minute answer thanking whomever and both, in my opinion, giving non-answers to the first question...and caught some of the highlights later...the "I have a bracelet" "Oh, I have a bracelet too!" thing seemed like schoolyard antics, something I'm incredibly sick of.

On the other hand, I'm actually glad the "bailout" plan got voted down.

30 September, 2008 10:52  

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