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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Great Ebert Essay -- Here Roger Ebert weighs in on his favourite movie, and comes up with another indispensable piece of writing. Not a day goes by that I don't feel profoundly grateful that Roger Ebert has struggled through his health problems of the past few years and come out of it as great a writer as he ever was. Perhaps better, in fact, since his recent essays seem so informed by a passionate will to experience, relate, and connect.



Blogger owlwise12 said...

Agreed, a wonderful essay! Roger's love for the beauty & art & joy of films is even stronger now, I think. Facing death will do that -- I'd imagine his beloved "Ikiru" resonates with extra meaning for him now. (And if you haven't seen it, you must.)

It's been decades since I watched "La Dolce Vita," but I recently picked up the 2-disc edition of it -- and Roger has made me want to sit down & watch it this weekend.

Seems to me that by high school, students should have had a film class with some of the great films, just as English introduces them to great poets & novelists, and their works. This is our common cultural heritage, after all.

05 September, 2008 10:42  
Blogger ChristopherAllen said...

Ikiru IS a great film. I must confess I didn't really "get" La Dolce Vita the first time, but after reading this essay I'm thinking I might be old enough now!

07 September, 2008 15:00  
Blogger owlwise12 said...

I've arrived at an age (54 going on 55) where I want to revisit many classic films I originally saw as a teenager/young man. I can't recall offhand which literary critic said it, but he spoke of classics books that become richer & grow as the reader does, when returning to them at intervals throughout life. And that definitely applies to classic films as well.

08 September, 2008 14:03  

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