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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roger Ebert: How to Read a Movie -- Here's Ebert with the best piece on visual storytelling techniques you'll read today, many of them applicable to the composition of comics panels and pages.

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Blogger David Wynne said...

Wow. Thanks for linking that, it's given me some real food for thought.

31 August, 2008 20:48  
Blogger afdumin said...

An interesting piece, especially when one applies those theories to comics. However, there is one area in particular that I do find doesn't quite hold true when analyzing comics. Specifically, I'm referring to the placement of images/characters within a shot/panel. According to Ebert, images placed to the right-most side of a shot hold a positive/dominant role, whereas those placed to the left confer a more negative/subordinate one. Yet, couldn't it be argued that this theory run counter to the very nature of comics? Because comics are read left to right (at least in America), I would argue that images/characters placed on the left are the more positive/dominant ones for the simple fact that those are the ones that we encounter/read first (first traditionally implying some degree of authority). Conversely, those placed to the right, because they are read/experienced second, would be relegated to the negative/susbordinate role. Even in writing this holds true (think of the classic example "BATMAN and robin"). All in all, though, a lot of great ideas. Thanks for the link.

01 September, 2008 08:51  

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