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Monday, August 04, 2008

The Monday Briefing -- I have a whole lot of nuthin' for you this Monday morning. Just a couple of things...

* The Fart Party. I'm late to the party in discovering the work of Julia Wertz, but who wouldn't want to be late to a fart party, I ask ya? Go visit her website and soak in her luxurious autobiographical cartoon strip archives, and order her book published by Atomic Books, The Fart Party. I love the book so much I will probably read the whole thing again tonight. It's funny, it's dirty, it's sad and it's awesome. Most importantly, it's real, and really good, in the way great autobiographical comics are. Apparently Wertz takes some shit from readers for the simplicity of her line or whatever their complaints are, but Wertz's comics are filled with energy, great observational skill, sarcasm and wit. Not what you'd expect from something called "The Fart Party," I know, but isn't being surprised half the fun?

And thanks a bunch to Alicia at Earthworld for validating my purchase with her comment on Saturday, "You're buying The Fart Party? ALL RIGHT!" Buying it I am, for life. More Fart Party now, please, Ms. Wertz.

Bonus: My two favourite phrases from the book: "Turd cutter," and "Hot dickings."

* If you ever wondered what I'm doing, thinking or fuming about in the in-between moments when I am not constructing brilliant essays and reviews, you now have access: the add lifeblog, with all the little Doaney moments you need to build an even more complete picture of why you hold me in such contempt high regard. Bonus: It's all lower-case for more ee cummings-like pretentiousness. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

* Have a great Monday.

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