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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where is the "Liberal Media" as Impeachment Moves Forward? -- Why is it that I can't find the story about a successful vote on impeachment yesterday anywhere at all on CNN's website? Sure, our war criminal faux-president isn't impeached yet, but he's closer to it today than he was 48 hours ago.

What do you think CNN was reporting at this stage of the move toward Bill Clinton's impeachment? I have a feeling they might have at least mentioned it.

There is a liberal media, but it has no voice on TV that I can find.

By the way, I fully endorse impeachment, and hopefully, eventually, war crimes trials at The Hague, or anywhere else they'd care to hold them.

Here is Yahoo News on yesterday's vote, as well as the Associated Press, and Wikipedia's history of the movement to remove Bush from office.



Blogger Roger Green said...

IMPEACH! I've thought so only for about a year:http://rogerowengreen.blogspot.com/2007/07/july-ramblin.html

17 July, 2008 09:48  
Blogger Augie said...

The mainstream media is to busy covering The Second Coming (Obama) to bother with anything in Washington. . . I'm pretty sure they're inserting the nimbus behind his head now in all videos.

17 July, 2008 22:54  

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