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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Next-Door Neighbours -- NY Magazine has posted a new strip by Harvey Pekar and Rick Veitch about Harvey's next-door neighbours.

It's a great strip and worth clicking over to read.

Got me to thinking about our next-door neighbours. When my family moved into our current house, nearly four years ago, we never got to know our next-door neighbours, an older man and woman. All I can really tell you about them is that the man would mow the lawn seemingly every other day in the summer. It seemed crazy to me that anyone would spend that much time mowing their lawn, but I figured that maybe he was retired and lawn mowing was a way to keep himself occupied.

A few weeks ago, my wife noticed a moving truck in their driveway. Her theory is that one or both of them has been moved to a nursing home. In any event, our lawn was mowed this past weekend, and for the first time since we've lived there, our lawn looks nicer than the one next door. In fact, the lawn next door is becoming overrun with weeds, and I wonder with a mix of sadness and amusement how aggravated our former neighbours would be if they could see how high the grass and weeds are getting.

More sadness, really -- that guy clearly loved to keep his lawn looking nice, and now it looks like hell, and I bet it would really bum him out if he knew.



Blogger Roger Green said...

My next-door neighbor kept his flowers and lawn immaculate. He died a couple years ago. His son, not so much. The father would have been mortified.

10 July, 2008 10:17  
Blogger Alan David Doane said...

I had a feeling this might be a pretty universal phenomenon...

10 July, 2008 10:19  
Blogger Marc said...

Speaking of next door neighbors, have you been following Smith Magazine's Next Door Neighbor comics series? I think you would like it.


10 July, 2008 17:38  

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