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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Be Short; Be Great -- Here's Warren Ellis on MySpace talking about the what Joss Whedon achieved with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which I wrote about yesterday):
I can't tell you how many new hopeful comics writers I meet who have never finished anything in their lives because their intended first project is a hundred-episode epic that creates a whole new universe or three. And I tell them all the same thing: you're screwed. No-one will want it. Not until you've written something short, capable of being produced on a budget, and finished. Your epic may be worldchanging, but no-one will ever know because no publisher will gamble that kind of money on an unknown. And that's before you get to the vagaries of the attention economy. Production values are nice, but not necessary to producing compelling work. People gave Dr. Horrible 15 mins because it's Joss, but five minutes is a great length for net video. 500 words, 5 pages, whatever. Be short. Be great.
Better advice, would-be writers could not find anywhere. Click the link, and hopefully even though it's MySpace you might actually end up somewhere where you can read Ellis's entire post. I loved his last line, and you'll have to click over to read that.



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