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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Anemic Monday Briefing -- I got nothin', I'm telling ya. Go read Spurgeon's excellent Blake Bell interview, which pretty much answers all the questions I had about Bell's excellent book about Steve Ditko, Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko, which I reviewed recently and can't recommend enough.

Sorry to hear the new X-Files movie apparently was a huge flop over the weekend. I liked it a lot, and recommend you see it if you like the series, but I guess in the summer of Dark Knight and Iron Man, it's no surprise that an excellent, character-based suspense movie like X-Files: I Want to Believe doesn't blow away the competition.

Makes it seem even more unlikely that we'll ever see the continuation -- or conclusion -- of the alien invasion mythology that was woven throughout the entirety of the series. Well, maybe they can do it in comics form, like Buffy Season Eight. Which, if it was as good as that series, I would have few complaints.

Oh, one other thing to mention -- James Howard Kunstler writes about driving up Route 4 in New York's Capital District. This decrepit stretch of lost American highway is almost literally in my backyard, and I travel it a few times a year. Kunstler's description is evocative and dead-on.

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Blogger Nick said...

One consolation you can can take is that the movie was ridiculously cheap to make by modern standards at $30 million dollars. World wide, it will probably make a decent box office return and on video, the devoted following will surely buy it on dvd or "bluray". At the end of the day there might be a nice profit that would justify continuation.

One disagreement I have is continuing the "alien" story. Leading up to the first film, I was finding that I enjoyed the self contained episodes much more than the "mythology" ones. I found the first movie itself overly ambiguous without a lot of hard revelations and from then on the alien storyline became more and more contrived, in my opinion, getting to the point where I lost interest in the show, coming back only for the finale where all that was really said was "they're coming and the government is trying to keep it quiet."

No shit, Scully, I think we knew that.

Unless they really close the storyline out and at the same time making it more accessible to new people and lapsed viewers, I would be more than happy if they just continue the self contained tales on film.

29 July, 2008 14:39  

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